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Style Makeover

The Style Makeover

The Transformation Package

If you are looking for a complete and comprehensive turnaround and a fresh perspective on your style, with simple knowledge of how to maintain it in the future, this package is your best solution. The goal of this service is to elevate your style and personal brand and to help you move forward with confidence, incorporating all accessories and the small details that build an overall ‘look’.

Price starting from £2,795

Step 01

Style Analysis

This is where I get to find out all about you!

Separate from my questionnaire, this helps me get to know you, your personality, goals, likes and dislikes, down to what music you like and your ideal night out or holiday destination.

Personality is key to style, and understanding you plays a big part in helping to build a new wardrobe and enhance your ‘look’. Here I analyse colours best suited to you and get clear direction on how we build on your style with some outfit inspiration in addition. We will then discuss the next steps of the process, tailored completely to you.

Step 02

Wardrobe Edit

Having a look at where we currently are.

I’ll come to your home and together we will look through your wardrobe and identify what has and hasn’t been working for you up until now. We’ll then decide what we reuse, rework (get altered or fixed), recycle or donate.

Here you will try on your clothes and we’ll talk about the colours and styles that work best for you and your physique. I’ll also photograph some of your clothes to help you put together outfits moving forward.

I will be identifying where the gaps are in your wardrobe for us to tackle in the next shopping phase.

Step 03

The Shop

I’ll either book us into a private shopping suite somewhere like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols or Harrods, or I’ll have clothes ready at another preselected store.

The shopping is done before you arrive, with brands, styles, colours and your lifestyle all already accounted for within the selection.

We then choose what’s right for you and you end up with a nicely curated capsule wardrobe, interchangeable and ready to wear every day. Unlike other packages, there is no time limitation on the day.

Step 04

Outfit building & style support

One of the best bits of the whole experience is that it is all documented within your online wardrobe portal, which you gain access to when we start working together.

I document what we keep from your existing wardrobe, log our shop together and catalogue it all in one place.

I build 8 outfit choices for you and follow through on any style advice given in person.

I will also shop for any missing items from our in-person shop. It could be that you would like the perfect leather travel bag to round things off. You’ll be able to shop for it from here!

What's included with the smart shop?

Online wardrobe & 1 month’s style support

Store your wardrobe on your phone and have instant access to ready created outfit choices as well as recommended purchases from myself. I'll also be there to support you with follow-up questions. "What should I wear for this?", "What shoes would go well with this outfit", "Where would I buy a...?" WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom, just reach out.

Full wardrobe & accessories

A transformation isn't complete unless we tackle the everyday essentials in your life. From recommending signature colognes, bags and travel accessories, to wallets, watches and sunglasses. I will make sure we cover all bases in order to give your wardrobe a full refresh.

Follow up online shop

A guarantee we will achieve our objective. If we aren't able to purchase all that we want on the day (which can often be the case due to availability or time), I will follow up with an online shop sent through to your online wardrobe for easy purchasing.

On-demand outfit shops

Invite to a wedding abroad, corporate party or work event and don't think you have anything appropriate or want something new? You'll be able to call on me to update your online wardrobe with new items ready to purchase in the right colours and size for you. This means you'll be covered for the unexpected too!

Travel & Lunch/Food

Your fuel for the day! I'll take care of any food, drinks and transfers for the day between shops if there are any. Food and drink are always a must to come out on top of the day in my experience.

Hairstyle & Glasses

Completing this transformation is a consultation with some of the very best experts in the hair and optics world. Finding a new or the right hairstyle for you can make a massive difference to your look and the impression you leave. The same could be said if you are a glasses wearer. I'll put you in touch with some of my friends who will be able to help you out.

The Outcome

By the end of the process with we will have looked to achieve the following:


Have a working capsule wardrobe, with multiple simple outfits for daily use depending on your lifestyle.


Cleared all the clutter from your existing wardrobe ridding you of clothes that no longer serve you well with regards to size, fit, colour or style.

Your own style

Established a new style which will assist in making it easier to purchase clothes in the future without me or others being around.


Increased confidence in daily situations when utilising your new wardrobe.


Have knowledge on how to put together your outfits and outfits in general.

READY FOR any Occasion

With a follow up in-person shop included you can get a seasonal update or be ready for any forthcoming calendar events.

Ready for Change or Want to Find Out More?

clients at

Top 5 FAQ's - Smart Styling

The Smart Styling service combines all the best bits from every service I offer with a little extra. It is my premium offering, and I am happy to answer any questions you have before you decide if it’s right for you. Click the button below these questions for even more info.

If you want to invest your time into completely refreshing your look from top to toe, creating a style for yourself that makes you feel confident and that you can maintain easily and you don’t want to invest or potentially waste countless hours to get to try and get there, then smart styling is for you.

We don’t just tackle clothes either, I look at your complete annual lifestyle, holiday, events, work trips. I will also take into account all potential accessories such as bags, wallets, cufflinks and even a signature scent, which can be a massive game changer on it’s own.

This is just as a big investment into getting your time back as anything else, which many of my client’s value above everything else. Not just because I can do your clothes shopping for you, but also because you shortcut the process of knowing what looks good on, and the reasons why.

I’ll talk to you about the key reasons to set up a capsule wardrobe, what it looks like and how it save you loads of time planning out your outfits, plus you’ll have one by the end of the process.

You might also save a lot of money against poor choices of clothing in the future through lack of knowledge. We are bound to tackle some areas of style you hadn’t even thought about yet and you should come away from the process feeling refreshed and with renewed confidence and/or drive.

In an ideal world I would like to have the process (wardrobe edit, personal shop and online shop) wrapped up in one month. Momentum and is really key with this type of package and it’s great to see results quickly. You will have one outstanding seasonal shop left (spring/summer or autumn winter), which we will pencil in to complete at the beginning of our process.

It purely comes down to seasonality, during the summer months for example, you will not be able to find the best selection of coats or knitwear available and vice-versa. It’s exactly the same case online also.

Location of shopping trip does have a role to play, however, split across the two personal shops and the online shop you should be looking at £5,000 +

Smart Styling Pricing

Not all pricing falls into a package. I will happily quote for any individual requests you may have.

The Breakdown

Starting at   £2,795
  • Wardrobe Edit
  • Online Wardrobe Access with clothing cataloged
  • In-person Spring/Summer Personal Shop
  • In-person Autumn/Winter Personal Shop
  • Online Personal Shop
  • On-demand outfit shops and style support
  • Outfit guidance & ideas
  • Expert guidance on hairstyles & glasses/sunglasses
  • All food and travel included

Please enquire about pricing outside London & abroad.

What happens within 7 seconds of meeting someone

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Chantelle Znideric

Chantelle is an Award-Winning Personal Stylist and Shopper, with over 15 years experience. She specialises in working with ambitious female leaders and entrepreneurs, in the UK and overseas, to elevate their personal brands with success, build a capsule wardrobe with ease and rediscover their style and confidence.

Clients will learn the best colours that complement their natural colouring, to choose flattering styles for their body shape and how to shop more efficiently, which guarantees to save time and money. They will also achieve an effortlessly stylish yet functional capsule wardrobe, bursting with outfits they will love to wear! Additionally, this will have a hugely positive outcome and long-lasting results when it comes to managing their businesses and families whilst succeeding in their everyday lives.

If you feel stuck in a rut with your style and overwhelmed by your existing wardrobe, or you’re lacking in confidence with portraying a personal brand, that reflects you and your true authentic values, Chantelle would be delighted to have a chat to discuss your styling requirements.

Katy Terrashenko

Katy strongly believes that when you look good, you feel good. She has a diverse client base and loves working with busy individuals needing simple formulas to create outfits that fit impeccably and flatter their unique skin tone, body shape, lifestyle and personality. She teaches time-saving tools to shop efficiently and save money in the long run.

Specialising in Colour Analysis, Katy is passionate about teaching her clients the power of Colour Psychology and how wearing the right shades of colour will not only enhance their appearance but can also improve confidence, energy levels, productivity and communication. Katy knows first-hand how this has a hugely positive impact on confidence, mental health and overall well-being. She believes that every one of us deserves to look and feel amazing.


Katy has worked in TV, Fashion and Beauty for 15 years and is an Award-Winning Producer having worked on shows such as Bafta ‘Live from the Red Carpet’ as well as luxury brands including Chivas Regal, and designer brands Felder Felder and Styloko, plus beauty brands Josh Wood & V05. Katy retrained following her third baby, graduating with a Distinction from the London College of Style in early 2021.

Jessica Rea

Jessica is an award winning stylist that has Designed, Styled & Consulted – over 8,000 individuals. 

Her specialist field is in Millinery and she was trained by the UK’s leading milliners and designers who count the Royal Family and high-end Fashion Houses as clients.

From hats, Jessica’s skills naturally led her to successfully put together entire outfits for her clients. Being recognised for her work led Jessica to become Racing TV’s, Race Day in-house Fashion Expert and now and regular stylist on shopping channel QVC.

Jessica’s trusting approach and knowledge allows her to work with women to help them to feel confident in their clothes, uplift their image and re-discover their style from a professional woman, a mum as well as women in the Media Industry having her fashion styling looks appear across National TV such as ITV, Sky Sports, Discovery, Euro Sports to the BBC.