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About Nick Hems Style

Personal Branding, Styling & Shopping

I am a qualified men’s personal stylist and an ardent advocate for the transformative power of style. My journey into the world of clothing and style wasn’t conventional; it evolved from a successful career in corporate sales and marketing.

It was here that I discovered the extraordinary impact of personal presentation – it wasn’t just about the business acumen or knowledge I possessed, but how I presented myself that would often go a long way to defining my success.

This realisation sparked a deep fascination with appearance and style and its psychological power. I was driven to delve deeper, to understand not just the aesthetics of fashion but its underlying psychology and power. My quest led me to the revered London College of Style, where I honed my skills and gained invaluable insights into the art of personal styling.

My approach to styling is deeply rooted in my belief that the way we dress and present ourselves is a powerful tool for personal branding. It’s more than just clothing; it’s about crafting a narrative, a visual story that enhances confidence and opens doors to new opportunities. I believe in the subtle art of making small but significant tweaks to one’s style, which can lead to profound changes in both personal and professional spheres.

I’d love to have the honour of teaching you some of what I’ve learnt over the years in order to stand out, be self-confident and take control and really own the brand that is you!

Wardrobe Review

Getting to grips with what you currently have. How to best utilise your clothes and make outfits and style individual pieces. Understand what we restore, recycle or even resell.

Personal Shopping

Anything from a wardrobe update, shopping for a specific occasion to a full wardrobe refresh.

With purchases catalogued and outfits reviewed this service will help you boss your own style.

Bespoke Service

After our initial free consultation, I'll get a handle on what your requirements are. We'll put together a package that best suits your needs, is convenient and means you can use us as much or as little as you would like moving forward.

Think of style as a form of communication. Invest in it well and it will tell your story or paint whatever picture you want it to.

Meet the Team

Jessica Rea

Event Stylist
Men's & Women's Styling

Katy Terrashenko

Colour Expert
Men's & Women's Styling

Chantelle Znideric

Personal Branding
Men's & Women's Styling

Working alongside Industry Leaders

Since starting my business in 2019 I have been privileged to work alongside and collaborated with some amazing and talented stylists. We have covered everything from business presentations and workshops, to London Fashion Week and styling couples and families and friends for events.

I work exclusively with my preferred partners above, so if you like any of what you see on this site, do please get in contact and if I don’t end up working with you, I can certainly recommend a best fit for you.

What happens within 7 seconds of meeting someone

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Chantelle Znideric

Chantelle is an Award-Winning Personal Stylist and Shopper, with over 15 years experience. She specialises in working with ambitious female leaders and entrepreneurs, in the UK and overseas, to elevate their personal brands with success, build a capsule wardrobe with ease and rediscover their style and confidence.

Clients will learn the best colours that complement their natural colouring, to choose flattering styles for their body shape and how to shop more efficiently, which guarantees to save time and money. They will also achieve an effortlessly stylish yet functional capsule wardrobe, bursting with outfits they will love to wear! Additionally, this will have a hugely positive outcome and long-lasting results when it comes to managing their businesses and families whilst succeeding in their everyday lives.

If you feel stuck in a rut with your style and overwhelmed by your existing wardrobe, or you’re lacking in confidence with portraying a personal brand, that reflects you and your true authentic values, Chantelle would be delighted to have a chat to discuss your styling requirements.

Katy Terrashenko

Katy strongly believes that when you look good, you feel good. She has a diverse client base and loves working with busy individuals needing simple formulas to create outfits that fit impeccably and flatter their unique skin tone, body shape, lifestyle and personality. She teaches time-saving tools to shop efficiently and save money in the long run.

Specialising in Colour Analysis, Katy is passionate about teaching her clients the power of Colour Psychology and how wearing the right shades of colour will not only enhance their appearance but can also improve confidence, energy levels, productivity and communication. Katy knows first-hand how this has a hugely positive impact on confidence, mental health and overall well-being. She believes that every one of us deserves to look and feel amazing.


Katy has worked in TV, Fashion and Beauty for 15 years and is an Award-Winning Producer having worked on shows such as Bafta ‘Live from the Red Carpet’ as well as luxury brands including Chivas Regal, and designer brands Felder Felder and Styloko, plus beauty brands Josh Wood & V05. Katy retrained following her third baby, graduating with a Distinction from the London College of Style in early 2021.

Jessica Rea

Jessica is an award winning stylist that has Designed, Styled & Consulted – over 8,000 individuals. 

Her specialist field is in Millinery and she was trained by the UK’s leading milliners and designers who count the Royal Family and high-end Fashion Houses as clients.

From hats, Jessica’s skills naturally led her to successfully put together entire outfits for her clients. Being recognised for her work led Jessica to become Racing TV’s, Race Day in-house Fashion Expert and now and regular stylist on shopping channel QVC.

Jessica’s trusting approach and knowledge allows her to work with women to help them to feel confident in their clothes, uplift their image and re-discover their style from a professional woman, a mum as well as women in the Media Industry having her fashion styling looks appear across National TV such as ITV, Sky Sports, Discovery, Euro Sports to the BBC.