Corporate Styling Workshops

Help get your employees on track to being more productive, having more confidence and developing in their job roles!

These may seem like big statements, but these are all things that tend to organically happen when people embrace a challenge and start to work on enhancing their style. The impact it can have on their life and on the impressions they make on others can truly be startling. The right kind of corporate workwear can also have a strong positive impact on employees.

I run Styling or Image workshops that are bespoke suit your business needs. I will look at everything from:

  • Creating a professional image.
  • Assessing your outfit based on your specific client.
  • Raising your game when it comes to self-care, focussing on lifestyle habits and grooming.
  • How to dress for your body shape.
  • Essential accessories and items for your wardrobe.

I do work with micro businesses, but these sessions are more practical for larger teams within a business or as part of a training course to staff.

I will give your staff the tools to ensure that their professionalism and presentation never come into question, but more importantly everyone involved can move on and enhance the reputation of your brand.

What I teach here is my only service which is tailored towards to both men and women.

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