About Me

I’m probably not the stereotypical type of stylist you may imagine, I haven’t lived my life in the fashion industry, and I am the least likely person to talk about upcoming trends for next season.

I began working as a Stylist and Image Coach because I love style, design, clothing and people. I am also fascinated by the way we form first impressions and how that dictates how others engage with us.

All my career I have worked within sales and marketing and I’ve always thought that in a world where competition is fierce and with many products and services being similar, the real difference in success often lay with the person behind that product/service and the impression they were able to create within the first crucial seconds of a meeting.

Stepping over into the world of styling simply transported me from product and service packaging to ‘people packaging’, which immediately played to my passions and strengths.

So, when as a family we decided to make a move away from London it completely ignited my passion for further change and to create the business that had been stirring in me for a while and explore an avenue where I believed there was a huge gap just waiting for me.

In my opinion our styling, the way we dress, communicate and present ourselves in front of others (our brand) is an immensely personal, emotive and empowering thing. The lessons I have learnt in my career so far stand me in perfect stead for working with my clients today. Crafting my pitch, my look, how I appeared and communicated to clients taught me that you can vastly change the outcomes and opportunities you create in your life with just a few small tweaks.

I qualified as a stylist with the highly regarded London College of Style before setting out on my own. Today I am extremely passionate about helping men of all ages achieve more success, create more opportunity and show up as the best possible versions of themselves.

I truly believe I have the most rewarding job possible and am very proud of the impact I am able to have in people’s lives.

My Mission

To help men create more opportunity and get more of the results they want in life through the power of presenting themselves in the best possible way.

My aim is to provide a premium but accessible service for men that gives advice on various ways to elevate style, dress with intention, form the right mindset for success and ultimately create the best possible first impression.

The quote I live by:

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style – Maya Angelou

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