MEN – 7 Ways To Stop Being So Sweaty this Summer

MEN – 7 Ways To Stop Being So Sweaty this Summer

Getting over sweaty in the middle of the day whether you are at work or not is never nice.

We know, sweating too much leads to feeling uncomfortable, our clothes looking a mess or even worse, smelling. If you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis to give it it’s medical name (3% of UK men), it can be far tougher.

No one likes the gruesome sweat patch, especially when someone might be invading your personal space on public transport or just a work (we all know a space invader).

Here are my quick fixes to help eradicate or reduce this problem.

  1. Anti-perspirant. Yes, it’s obvious, but we don’t all use it. Even if your weapon of choice is still Lynx Africa, get it on. Anti-perspirants block sweat glands preventing sweat, deodorants just try and mask the smell. TOP TIP – Apply the night before, sleep well, have your shower in the morning and most anti-perspirants will continue to work the following day (24-hour protection). Even better leave some in the car or in your desk at work.

  2. Drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps to regulate your body temperature and aids the prevention of overheating. Water also helps to flush out odour causing toxins from the body through urine. Recommended amount, around 3 litres per day.

  3. Avoid certain foods and drinks. Coffee (caffeine stimulates our adrenal glands and causes our underarms, palms and feet to sweat, fast foods, ready meals and spicy food (these will increase the amount of toxins in your system and clog up your pores, and when mixed with sweat produce some not so nice wafts. Alternatively, our body will produce sweat when eating spicy foods to try and cool the body temperature naturally.

  4. Wear the right clothes. 100% cotton is always good as it is breathable. Linen is great, but beware if wearing for too long as you don’t want to look like a dishevelled mess half way through the day. Light wool, cotton, and hemp are also breathable materials.

Apart from this wear light layers that aren’t too fitted. Also wear the right colours or patterns, sweat stains are more prominent on light shirts so dark shirts or even pattered ones can hide sweat well.

Choose a fabric that absorbs sweat. Apart from cotton, there are now a lot of ‘performance’ fabrics especially in leisure wear now whose very purpose is to draw sweat away for the body.

If things get bad, bring a change of clothes with you or leave them at work if it’s it is easy to change there.

  1. Have a cooler shower in the morning. Quite simple really, hot showers raise body temperature and cause the body to sweat. In addition use an anti-bacterial soap, which will help you rid the odour causing bacteria.

  2. Aim to reduce stress. Sweating as some people will know can be brought on my nerves or anxiousness, but also fear, pain and general stress can have a major impact on the sweat the body produces.

What about downstairs I hear you say?

  1. Don’t use spray! I think we’ve all done it before, but we are generally just a bit too sensitive down there and blocking the pores in your groin area can just lead to irritation or rashes and no one wants that.

There are some men’s body powders available (without talc or menthol which can burn) which will tackle the job. Or if you don’t want to feel like your 8 years old again you can go for a something like Below the Belt Grooming’s product Fresh & Dry Balls which I guess promises to do what it says on the tin (or tube in this case). It’s a moisturising gel that you rub into your balls which forms a layer of protection. It works, check the reviews online!

So there we have it, my education to eradicate your sweat draws to a close, I hope you found something out that you didn’t know and can implement something new into your daily summer routine.

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