Public Speaking

Every single employee in your company is an advert for your business. They represent you and can be amazing ambassadors of your company values, or not! Whatever they do, they are causing at least an impression and an impression only takes 7 seconds to set in someone’s mind and is not easily adjusted.

So why book me to talk to your team at work or at your event? Well my stylist routes don’t just come from a fashion or retail background, I’ve worked in Sales & Marketing for the past 20 years and even flirted with having a speed dating agency along the way. I’ve knocked on doors and banged the phone, as well as pitching the largest ad agencies and multinationals in the UK. Having sat over 4,000 face to face meetings in my time, I have learnt a thing or two about engaging with people. I’ve just chosen to talk about it from an appearance point of view instead of the process!

Today I use my position as a stylist as a building block for my clients to develop whatever it is they need in their industry or personally to feel desired by their clients and remembered.

A typical presentation would last between 20-60 minutes, but can be tailored to suit your needs accordingly, they can also be adapted to suit a workshop environment.

Some of the previous topics I have covered are:

  • How to use colour as your weapon in dressing with intention.
  • To to fake it till you become it – using style to create countless opportunities in life.
  • How to create your own Personal Branding through what you wear.
  • How to make sure you are always dressed appropriately.
  • How to to be stylish everyday with very little effort.

Being able to help people feel confident about the way they look and find and establish their style is something I am so passionate about. It only takes a small shift in mindset and potentially the willingness to feel comfortable about being uncomfortable for a small amount of time to really see incredible results in confidence in yourself and outcomes of daily situations.

I like to make my talks as interactive and fun as possible and engage with the audience. Style is all about learning with your eyes and ears.

So get in contact if you would like to explore how I could work with you.

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